Living in a Small Space

Living in a Small Space

I often get asked if it is difficult to live in a small space. Absolutely not! In fact, I have considered downsizing to a smaller RV, or even a van, one day. My RV has opposing slides, which means each side slides out, creating a wide space for the main living area. One of my friends, Pam, told me I have the biggest ‘small trailer’ she has been inside. It’s considered smaller because I’m under 30 feet in length. Once you walk inside, it feels like a small apartment, not an RV. That’s because the opposing slides create a square, room-like feeling. Other friends have noted that there are people living in smaller apartments in New York City or San Francisco.

The opposing slides provide enough space for me to have a center island kitchen. It’s not only nice to have that extra counter space, but the extra storage in the cabinets underneath is an amazing feature to have. In fact, I still have an empty kitchen cabinet after living in my trailer for over a year. I continue to downsize because the added weight is the primary concern for me when acquiring new items. Ok, I’ll be honest… I use that empty cabinet sometimes to clean all of the junk off my dining room table when company comes over.

The Sandman's Radiance Travel Trailer
The Sandman’s Radiance Travel Trailer

In a trailer my size, some prefer to have the second slide in their bedroom. I however, really enjoy the cozy feeling of my bedroom when it’s time to get in bed. I mean, it’s not like I’m walking around in there often. The majority of the time spent in my bedroom is watching TV or sleeping. The Queen size bed is plenty big enough for me and my German Shepherd. She does sometimes leave the bedroom to sleep on the sofa, but I think that’s because I snore.

One big benefit of life in a small space is the quick cleaning days, or should I say hours. I lived in a stick and bricks house until I was 40 years old. If I procrastinated on keeping the house clean on a daily basis, it would take me a full day to get it back in order. Each bathroom could take an hour to do a deep clean and that’s just one room. In my new home, I can do a deep cleaning on the entire inside in about two hours. That even includes wiping down the walls, which didn’t happen very often in any house I lived in before.

Living in a small space has another huge benefit for me. Anyone that lives with Arthritis knows that there are good days and bad days. On bad days I can barely walk. There have been many times in my life when I woke up in the middle of the night unable to walk and needing to use the bathroom. Sometimes, I’d slide down the side of my bed and crawl to the toilet and pull myself up to sit on it. Pulling myself back onto my bed was more difficult, so I would pull my blankets off and sleep the rest of the night on my bedroom floor. In my trailer, I’m able to hold onto walls and counters to get myself from my bedroom in the front to the bathroom in the back. I’ve never had to crawl or sleep on the floor in my home that travels. As an added bonus, I have less bad days since I travel with the warmer weather.

Xscapers in Moab (April 2019)

One advantage of having the opposing slides in my RV is the space it gives me to entertain friends. I’ve always prefered entertaining at home, rather than going out to a friends house. I would definitely miss that if I did downsize to a smaller rig. I’ve spent one year in this RV and I plan to spend at least two more. By then, I should have a better idea of what I would do best with.


Nomad, diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis @ 13mo The Sandman has learned that a positive attitude goes a long way. He lives full-time in his travel trailer and travels with his German Shepherd.

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