Why I Live in an RV

Since I was a child, I'd often fantasized about living in an RV and traveling the country. I think many people have that idea at some point in their life. It's not something I thought about every day and I never thought I'd actually do it. In fact, I'm sure there are many people out there that have been dreaming of full-time travel for years and are still in a sticks and bricks house dreaming about it. Perhaps you are one of them. Today, a million Americans live full-time in RVs, according…

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Living in a Small Space

I often get asked if it is difficult to live in a small space. Absolutely not! In fact, I have considered downsizing to a smaller RV, or even a van, one day. My RV has opposing slides, which means each side slides out, creating a wide space for the main living area. One of my friends, Pam, told me I have the biggest 'small trailer' she has been inside. It's considered smaller because I'm under 30 feet in length. Once you walk inside, it feels like a small apartment,…

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