Full-Time RVer

The Sandman was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis @ 13 months old and now travels full time as a digital nomad. At 40 years old, he decided to trade in possessions for experiences. He invites you to follow along as he travels the states in his travel trailer, with his German Shepherd, Kona. Each day is a new adventure!

Why I Live in an RV
Juvenile Arthritis Impacted My Social Life
Living in a Small Space
Where Did the Sandman Come From?

Where Has The Sandman Been?

Since he first started living in his travel trailer, The Sandman has travelled to six states. Starting in his hometown of Oakhurst, California (near Yosemite National Park), The Sandman first moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. From there, he spent a week on Pacific Coast Highway, following it down to Los Angeles, where he made a left turn to head inland towards Palm Springs.  He also spent time in San Diego before moving out of state for the first time in his life. Sure he had left the state and even the country, but that was always for vacation. He still had a sticks and bricks home, with all of his possessions, to return to. The Sandman spent significant time in Quartzsite AZ, Las Vegas NV, Page AZ, Moab UT, and Mancos CO, before heading back to California for the Summer.

New Mexico

Where Is The Sandman Now?

The Sandman's Next Adventure

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